We’re committed to Improving Healthy Relationships

EXS Spray is committed to improving healthy relationships of its users with our high quality dietary supplements. By restoring and reinvigorating the intimacy in our relationships and experiences, our belief is that it will lead to overall happier and healthier lives.

Our products are designed to maximize the desired benefits of the users and to work quicker than other products on the market. Our products do not contain pharmaceuticals.

We are dedicated to creating high quality and effective products that will restore the fun, excitement and pleasure in our users lives.

Why we’re different


We use the highest quality traditional herbs that have been used for centuries around the world for balance, stamina and circulation.

For Him and Her

EXS is not intended to force your body to do something, but to allow your body to perform or boost its natural functions. It may improve natural function, increase sensation, or add fun and excitement to the experience. Everyone’s body is different and may have differing experiences.