EXS absorbs under the tongue and into the bloodstream quickly and improves mood, libido, sensation, focus and intensity of experience.

EXS is an ORAL SPRAY. Just spray into the mouth and hold under tongue for at least 15 seconds. The longer you hold it, the quicker it acts!

You can control the intensity of the experience with more or fewer sprays. The recommended dose is 4 sprays. Some people can use less and some people need more.

Each 1.5ml bottle of EXS Spray has 24 sprays. Each dose is 4 sprays. So each bottle has 6 doses. Some people can use less sprays per use and can get more than 6 doses per purchase.

The herbs in EXS have have been used for centuries for fetility, libido and energy. The herbs stimulate the functions of the brain and reproductive systems. The overall effect is incredible stimulation of pleasure for both men and women!

Most users find effects to work strongly for the first 6 hours and can still be felt up to 12 hours later.

For most users the effects kick in within 30 minutes. Depending on your body, it could take up to 60 minutes to fully kick in.

You should always consult a medical professional before using herbal products. However, all ingredients are natural and herbal.

EXS is not certified Kosher or Halal. It is 100% vegetarian. The herbs were extracted using alcohol.

NO. EXS does not contain any hidden or counterfeit pharmaceutical ingredients like some competitor’s products.

There are no disturbing side effects associated with EXS. Some people may be sensitive to the effects of the herbs that increase blood flow, like Ginseng.

While EXS cannot suggest or recommend taking EXS while using alcohol or other drugs, no customers have reported any complications while using EXS. Please consult your medical professional on this subject before doing so.