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Our Goal is to for all Adult Retailers to have the opportunity to try EXS SPRAY at their stores with their customers so they can see how exciting EXS SPRAY is for themselves. Scroll down to enter your information.

Start Pack includes:

  • 5 EXS Sprays
  • Product info flyers
  • Staff sales tips sheet
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Free for your staff to try or for your favorite customers

After you try EXS Spray order from your trusted distributor or order direct from us


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Keep reading if you want to know more about EXS Spray and why its a fantastic addition to your store.

Why is EXS Spray so special?

  • Couples LOVE sharing
  • Diversity of products
  • 100% natural and safe
  • No side-effects
  • No hidden ingredients
  • Men can count on it
  • Women are seeking it
  • Multiple servings

Why is EXS Spray so great for your store?

  • Product for women that works!
  • 50% of online buyers are women
  • Trusted by largest Adult Retail Chains
  • Customers want NATURAL
  • Repeat buyer raving fans
  • Great margins
  • Distributor support
  • Online support traffic to you
  • #1 featured product at AVN 2019

After you test EXS Spray out and love it, you can place orders from us directly or you can order from your trusted distributor.