Did you know that many “male enhancements” have hidden pharmaceuticals?

The fact is that many products that are reported to the FDA are taken off the shelves every year.

Most of the time the shop owner bears the brunt of such actions. At their own costs they have to dispose of any products that are deamed “unsafe” by the FDA. Many of these supplements are capsules containing powder claiming to be “natural” and contain only powderized herbs that have been used for improving male sexual function.

The truth is that almost all of these capsules contain powderized pharmacuetical from outside the United States. These drugs are typically Sildenafil and Tadalafil, otherwise known by their brand names as Viagra and Cialis. Theses pills often hold many times the recommended dose of the drugs, one such pill that was confiscated contained 7 times the amount of Tadalafil as one Cialis!

You can recognize these risky male supplements by their attractive blister packaging which usually has a powerful animal such as a dragon, tiger, rhino, bear, etc. and suggest “more time, stamina, hardness” and other benefits.

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