who we are

one of a kind

We are the only all-natural sexual enhancement oral spray that works for men and women. EXS Spray is a totally unique experience. You may be here because you found us at one of the hundreds of adult retail stores, Amazon or just a curious Google search, You are at the right place. No other product on the market works like EXS Spray- using a unique and genius formula of herbal extracts combined to improve your sexual function, intensify sensation and climax and ignite your sex-drive!

quality and integrity

Safe and natural that works!

Made in the USA

Founded and produced in San Diego, CA

Proprietary herbal formula

Complex protocol of combining herbal extracts into a powerful formula

Lab Tested

Each batch of EXS is tested to insure quality and safety

our story

About our company

Started in San Diego, our first account was Adam and Eve in Hillcrest. They were generous enough to take on a new product with such a unique proposition. We gave out 1000 samples for Pride and things took off from there. Little by little we grew one account at a time. 2019 we exhibited at AVN and sales and accounts exploded.

Today we have thousands of online customers and EXS Spray is on the shelf at over 250 stores nationwide.