Gives you the boost you need when it counts

With just a few sprays, you will feel powerful, confident and fired up, knowing that you are at full flag and can rock her world again and again.

*No subscription required.
Just a good old fashioned free sample.

Enhance every part of PERFORMANCE


A real, noticeable effect on your mood, attitude and physiology. You might not even make it out of house for your night out.


Do you remember how often you got hard when you were younger? Restore your towering, fully erect masterpiece and enjoy going longer and stronger.


EXS Spray absorbs instantly under the tongue and users can count on effects starting to work within 30 minutes, some people within 15 min.


Take as many sprays as you want. Take a couple sprays for some assurance or take twice as much as usual to really make an impression


No headache or scary racing heartbeat. EXS Spray also goes great with


Just finished...? With EXS you'll be up and ready again immediately and it keeps going!


EXS Spray is a mental, emotional and physical effect herbal formula. Imagine an ecstasy-like mental connection and physical stimulation.

Just Spray it in Your Mouth!

It is so easy! Just spray this little bottle in your mouth and hold it under your tongue for about 30 seconds. Within 30 minutes the effects have already started. Some will feel a little body buzz, some feel nothing at all. 

EXS Spray is enhancing your body’s natural function and that means that EXS kicks in when your mind or body is engaged in physical activity. After you use EXS Spray once, you will see what we mean and you can be confident in your performance forever. 

Effects are strongest in the first 4 hours and then gently wain. Don’t be surprised if you still feel the effects the next morning. Take more sprays! Dial in your experience. Nothing else compares to the EXS experience

Every Man has his reasons...

There are lots of reasons we men take supplements to boost our sex lives and we don’t need to go over all the reasons here. There is no shame!

What we don’t want to do is take unnecessary prescription medicine. We are not broken- we just need a little boost! We also don’t want take strange herbal pills or honey with unknown ingredients and terrible side-effects. 

Men choose EXS because it promises a excellent performance and  they trust that it is natural and safe with no side-effects.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

This is something I've not felt for a long time, I felt like a horny teenager again! Best thing is that it doesn't have any side effects like the other products I've tried from the Adult Store

I felt like Superman, I got laid before dinner, after dinner and again in the morning! This stuff just makes you wanna keep doing it.
I can't believe it worked for me. I was so obsessed with my husband! I was licking him from head to toe. I felt so connected.
Customers are a little confused at first because they've never heard of a "enhancement spray" but I love it and I always push them to try it and they always come back with raving reviews.
Store Manager

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About Us

EXS Spray debuted at AVN Awards Show (Adult Video Network Awards) in 2019 with the most innovative product in the show, nearly missing out on the Best New Product award. That show launched us into hundreds of adult stores and most adult chains. Being in a large adult retailer is proof that the product does what it says keeps people coming back for it. Enjoy!