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The herbs used in EXS are not acting on your body to force it to do anything it doesn’t already do, like a drug. In otherwords, EXS is supporting your body’s natural functions and supercharging its performance.

You spray EXS in your mouth and hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. 

Average use is 4 sprays, but you can spray less for a light boost or you can take additional sprays to increase the intensity.

Average dose is 4 sprays so the EXS Spray 1.5ml has 24 sprays, so it has 6 uses. The EXS Spray 0.7ml has 12 sprays, so it has 3 uses. Far more fun than a one time use pill for the same price.

Effects starts working within 20 minutes and should peak at 60 minutes and stay strong for 8-12 hours.

Effects can last around 12 hours. So if you take it at dinner, you can have fun all night and still be feeling it in the morning for another round!

EXS is generally safe with any medicine because it is only a dietary supplement. Of course the golden rule is to always consult your medical professional to see if any of the ingredients would interact with your medicine.

This is the biggest feature of EXS Spray that separates us from the rest. EXS does not have any hidden generic Cialis or Viagra. Other “pills” are often laced with unregulated amounts of these drugs to make them effective. You should avoid them at all costs. 

There is no side effects like the other products on the market. No headaches, hot red face or pounding heartbeat. 

By law we have to advise against using EXS and alcohol or marijuana but obviously many of our customers do we have never heard any negative reports.